Thursday, February 09, 2006



10 name$="jhjessup"
20 print name$;
30 print " is still alive."
40 print name$;
50 print " will post as inspiration strikes."
60 end



cd2078 said...

Remember Jonathan, genius is 99% prespiration and only 1% inspiration:-)

The_Wandering_Gypsy said...

Hi Jonny Tan! How have you been??? Just thought I'd check on you! I'm planning on coming back for the weekend for the OBCL graduation. I can hardly wait! I'm sooooo excited! Well, I guess I'll see ya then. -Molly

amansfield said...

Oh my goodness. lol.

nice one Calvin;)

jhjessup said...

That's why good engineers don't smell very pleasant.

Shannon Hodges said...

Your post is boring.
So why do you stink?


cd2078 said...

I was going to ask the same question but then I thought back to that debate you had with Quinton in gov rel over the type of deordorant to use:-P And you still should post something substantial about your life.

cd2078 said...

Or it could be insubstantial or inconsequencial stuff about your life as well.

Mara said...

Can't you please please post something??? Your life can't be that boring.