Monday, April 09, 2007

Life Report

Still Present.

Aside from that, I've been putting forth a great deal of effort into keeping/catching up with law school, attempting to maintain a full-time work schedule, and trying to find a job that pays 50% more than what I'm currently earning.

I've been pretty busy.

For the past six weeks as I've been job searching, I've noticed that companies like to categorize candidates - this person has these specific skills, this specific prior job title, is looking for this salary range, etc.

What's really been standing out, though, is that virtually every job listing I've seen has a stated degree requirement. This has been standing out particularly harshly because I don't have one.

For many years (20?) I've been hearing that a degree is completely unnecesary, that it never gets used, it's a waste of time, money, etc., that colleges are evil places, and any income requirement that we ever have will be met.

I don't doubt that God will meet our needs, and that God doesn't require a degree, but still...

...I keep seeing that getting a degree seems to be a good investment. A really good investment. That I wish I had made 8 years ago.

Next stop, CLEP tests!


Mara said...

Brother, I hear you!

BTW, last week I completed the first 3 GED tests. My warm-up for CLEP exams.

Two more weeks until I take the final exam for my Medical First Responder course. I'm not really sure what I can do with that (besides search and rescue), but it feels good to be involved in documented learning.

Chris said...

We talked about this the other day. Apparently we are both in the exact same boat here with the same conclusions!

Highway Patrol only requires a Associates degree BTW. I do still kinda lean in that direction over OKC PD but I don't have the degree so I'm not sure that matters much.