Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy, Stressed, Tired, Doing Well

After posting the last entry, I've discovered that it's tone could be construed in a much more negative manner than I intended.

We have been very busy with work--especially with the Thanksgiving Presentation--but there aren't any insurmountable issues. This whole "Teaching English" process is new for everybody, including the school. Consequently, many of the (stressful) issues that have come up will presumably be resolved next time 'round.

The issues leading up to vacating our apartment are still being sorted out- we're moved now, and all things considered, it went very well. We're excited about the new apartment, and I'll post pictures soon.

In short, we've been coping with a few rapidly shifting scenarios. From my perspective, we've all been coping well.

- Jonathan

PS: We had a really good Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Everyone chipped in, and the food was amazing.



Mom H said...

That's great to hear! I look forward toseeing pictures. How far are you from the language center now? Are you closer to Jessica's now? Our food was delicious,too. And very bountiful!
We missed you guys, but were grateful to know you were with each other,and Matt was with Sharla.

Mom H. said...

What did you eat? Was it just the four of you? Where did you eat?
Love and Miss you guys- hope you had a fabulous birthday!

jhjessup said...

We ate at Jessica's apartment- she hosted a meal for all the foreigners, and we each brought dishes.

Our HR director (American) brought a turkey, Jessica made cornbread, Shannon made Mashed Potatoes and a few desserts, and everything just turned out really well.

In addition to the four of us, there were two more Americans, three Canadians, a Wenzhounese, an Algerian, and two Frenchmen. It was an oddly cultural experience.

Detailed blog post to follow, eventually.