Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gerber Branches out....

Belated Update

Time for an Update!

I'm still busy.

This week I'm attempting to get through the remainder of my constitutional law course. It's dense. I have until Friday night to do four more lessons, which works out to two lessons today and two lessons tomorrow. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'll find out in about 36 hours.

On an unrelated note, I'm going home Christmas! My flight leaves at 6:00 am on Saturday. I return on the 28th.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bi-Monthly update (2005-12-02)

Due to popular demand (I'm popular, so there was demand), I'm posting an update.

GovRel fall training is over, the finance office is still standing with (most) everything properly up to date, and the paper I've been working on for the last two-three weeks will be finished before I go to bed.

That covers most of the bases - I'll update again in two weeks.

Well, I guess I could ramble for a bit...

I'm currently listening to a harpsichord duet by Phebe Craig and Katherine Westine, their album "Beside Themselves" from If anyone buys the album, can you send me a download link? :-)   (Yes, it's legal. Explicitly so!)

In other news, I'm now officially 24. People are quite often surprised by this, because most people that see my in a professional/formal/employment setting think I'm older, and quite often in off hours I act a bit younger. But, now I'm 24. The morning after my birthday I realized I was getting older - I felt like an adult, which hardly ever happens. Maybe now I'll start acting more like one. ;-)

On a similar note, Thank You too all of you who wished me a happy birthday! Before this year I really wasn't involved with (or even present on) many blogs - my social circle was strictly "meat space" so it was a pleasant surprise to hear from so many of you through blogs.

Ok, enough rambling. Back to Legal Writing II.