Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring in Wenzhou

Spring has come to Wenzhou!

Winter clothes are boxed up in preparation for shipping them home, long-sleeve shirts are on hangers in the back of the closet, and a sweatshirt (for emergencies) is hanging by the door. It's Springtime!

It's been getting steadily warmer for the past few weeks, with last week finally being consistently warm enough to feel "springy". It's nice.

Flowers are blooming, the trees are bright green, and we can frequently hear birds while we're out and about.

It's nice.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pizza Night!

Last night was Pizza Night. The four of us got together at Jessica's apartment and made pizza. We each provided part of the ingredients, chipped in with the assembly and baking process, and had a blast.

We ended up with 9 9" pizzas at a total cost of about 65 RMB- everything (but the cheese) was from scratch, and all the ingredients (except the cheese) were cheap. We had fresh pizza dough, fresh pineapple, fresh onion, fresh mushrooms, fresh bell pepper, fresh tomato, fresh broccoli, fresh pizza sauce, recently-fresh chicken fingers, and fresh corn (it's a Chinese thing, apparently).

Jessica and Shannon made a fruit pizza for dessert. It had fresh cookie crust, vanilla pudding, fresh apples, fresh bananas, fresh strawberries, raisins, dried kiwi, and almonds.