Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coffee Dan

We're having a conference here this week!

I have been charged with the honor/distinction of managing the audio equipment for the conference, which includes two translator stations and appropriate broadcasters and recievers for a group of spanish speaking attendees and a group of Romanian attendees. This has involved a lot of running around, obtaining and configuring all manner of cables and adaptors. And radios for the recievers.

I was up until 5:45 yesterday morning (Tuesday) getting things ready, got six hours of sleep (yeah, I know- that's plenty. Yeah, right.), then continued running around all afternoon getting everything ready to go for the opening session at 7:00 pm last night (Wednesday).

I was pretty zonked all afternoon.

Until I went to Coffee Dan's.

About two years ago, a friend of mine told me about the most wonderful coffee store right down the street from us. At the time (yea verily, until this evening) I was not a coffee drinker, so I never bothered to check it out. This afternoon, zonked that I was, I went to see what I could find at the coffee place.

Coffee Dan's is a side business of West End Roastery, a manufacturer of coffee roasting equipment which is reputed to be some of the best in the world. They sell a variety of coffee beans (whole or fresh-ground) from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Hawaii, and probably several other places I didn't notice. They also sell coffee beverages- coffee, esspresso, cappucino, latte, etc. I ordered a latte with macadamia nut syrup and was astounded. It was amazing. It was just incredible.

I also bought a pound of fresh roasted (1 or 3 days) fresh ground (on the spot!) Costa Rican coffee. I tried it out this evening (Wednesday), and I think I'm now a coffee drinker.

Quinton would be proud.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Online Spreadsheet

If you get a chance, you really should check out EditGrid, an online spreadsheet 'application.'

It's really slick.

Oh yeah- school's going ok. Everything is really busy, but it's all going well.