Sunday, September 11, 2005

Quick Update - Principles of the Common Law

Well, I got the topic of my next Law School writing assignment. I'm supposed to do it all on my own, so I can't really post any details about it, other than some basic principle type stuff.

The assignment topic looks at a child custody case from California, and asks four "principle" questions about it - i.e., what are some of the assumptions made by the majority opinion, what is the role of civil government in the case of child custody, and two others.

This should be interesting. I'm almost looking forward to working on it!

(For the record: the last paper I wrote for this course concerned the Terri Shiavo incident)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fresh Insight

Sometime yesterday, while listening to the Common Law lecture tape #2 for the upteenth time, I had a flash of insight- there is a difference between the Common Law and the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God!

This is incredible! The whole Philosophy of Government=Religious vs. Secular seems a lot more well-defined now.