Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Update

The last several weeks have been very busy for me. They've gone by really fast.

To recap: I had final exams in the third week of July, so most of that
month was taken up by studying and reviewing for Evidence and Criminal
Procedure. I don't think I did too well on either test, but I'm pretty
certain that I did well enough that I won't have to do them again.

After finals, I went home for a week. It was a quick week.

The next week (first week of August) I started the second semester of
third year, and was involved in a wedding.

The week after that was trying to get ahead a few days in studies for...

Last week.

Last week I took an Appellate Advocacy course. It was intense.
Basically, our assignment was to prepare oral arguments for a Supreme
Court appeal concerning the Newdow Pledge of Allegiance case.

This week I'm catching up on the 'normal' study schedule.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Dear brother, you have now gone more than 4 weeks without a post...

Hint, hint


I discovered this past month that I get more comments per post by
posting less frequently.