Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fresh Insight

Sometime yesterday, while listening to the Common Law lecture tape #2 for the upteenth time, I had a flash of insight- there is a difference between the Common Law and the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God!

This is incredible! The whole Philosophy of Government=Religious vs. Secular seems a lot more well-defined now.


RELStuart said...

Government equals religion against secularism? I thought the government wasn't supposed to prohibit the free excersise of religious activity. Is the faith of a Secularist any less important than the faith of a Hindu, Budhist, or Christian? Why should the force of the govermnet team up with religion against Secularists? Is Secularism a religion? Is anti-religion religious?

Religion is a system of belief(s) or ideals that colors the way a person lives their life.

jhjessup said...

I guess I could have phrased that a bit better.

"Government Philosophy: Religious v. Secular"

Also, for the purposes of interpreting the Constitution, it should be remembered that the definition of religion that was used, according to James Madison, is that religion is the duty one owes to the creator, and their method of discharging it.

Under this definition, any person's belief in regards to the creator, and how they are to act in relation to that creator are protected from any sort of interference by the federal congress, as articulated in the first amendment to the Constitution.