Monday, September 11, 2006

Politics in action


What more can I say?


mjessup said...

Weird, and sad.

jhjessup said...

How so?

mjessup said...

They think it's cool to be celebrating the people and the communist party. And the only reason they can think it's cool is because they don't realize what kind of people they are celebrating.

What do you think about it?

jhjessup said...

I think it's hillarious. Really! It's funny!

They're not celebrating the communist party, or notable figures from it - they're poking fun at it/them.

The discordant appearance of Mao, Lenin, Marx, Castro, and whoever that other guy is (Hussein?) at a 'wild' party is totally incongruous with their reputation. I mean, Marx with a lampshade on his head, dancing? It's just nuts!

It induces a logical disconnect with the higher reasoning regions of the viewer's brain.

And it's really funny.

(speaking of nuts... Eagle-eyed Machete Enthusiasts Recognize A Little Druid, Networking Under The Stairs. That's nuts too.)

mjessup said...

Got it. Maybe I just looked at it to seriously

RELStuart said...


Weird... I'll go with weird.

So, did you get one JH?