Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Like Money

I just finished thumbing through a stack of 30 sequentially numbered $100 bills.

It was fun.


amansfield said...

I remember once when our firm was probating an estate, it was my job to go through the house and identify any valuables. I stumbled on over 25,000 in cash... mostly 100 dollar bills. The toughest thing about it was the money didn't really exist (i.e. because nobody could have known about it) until it was deposited into the Estate account. I've never been so tempted to steal a little bit in my life. Hehe.

Thankfully I didn't. :) But you're right... it's fun thumbing through so much money.

Hope things are going well!

RELStuart said...

Wow! That does sound like fun! the most I've ever held in my hands was about $3600.00 I took to OKC once and looked at buying a car. I didn't buy one that day but carrying aroud that much money was interesting.

amansfield said...

Hey Jonathon! Hope things are going well for you... and that Christmas is going well. :) Were you able to head home to your family or are you celebrating at the TC? I sent you a Christmas card, but unfortunately I think it's going to fall into the category of "belated". Hehe.

Talk to you later!