Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Clean Windows! I have Clean Windows!

Shortly after lunch today I walked in my apartment and found that the outside of my windows had been washed! It had been quite some time since they had last been done, but due to the slow nature of the accumulation of grime, I hadn't noticed how bad they had gotten. Well, this afternoon I noticed.

It's sort of like getting glasses for the first time - suddenly everything is in focus, the world is clear, and colors are brighter. This was the perfect day for brighter colors, too. The sun was shining (as it typically is this time of year in OK) and there was a beautiful blue sky - there may have been a few clouds, but that's beside the point. Looking out of my window I have a clear view of our back parking lot and fence from a third-floor perspective, and the greengreen shrubbery along the east (left hand) wall separating our lot from a ten storey parking garage. Somewhere along the wall there's a flowering bush whose bright pinkish-purplish flowers were absolutely stunning through my freshly cleaned portal overlooking the southern world.

Wow- that was getting eloquent. I have the sudden urge to wax my car.

In other news, I had the opportunity to "error-check" a friend's WinXP laptop last night. It did not go well, and I have a much higher appreciation for the UNIX way of doing things.

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