Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chinese Lesson #1

This afternoon we will have our first Chinese Language lesson!
We are at the language center, going over our lesson plans for tonight and tomorrow. Since I don't have any classes tonight or tomorrow, I can send in a quick blog post!


Mom H said...

Thanks for linking to Shannon's blog! So how was the Chinese lesson?

Anonymous said...

Hello from Mr.K. Sue and I hope to leave for Tenn. any time after Tuesday AM. Hi to the team. Power has been restored to 305 through linking with 306 just thought Jeremiah would want to know that.Enjoying the Blogs! Gas low price at 2.57. Ready to saw logs. Signing off now.
Mr. K.

John Caleb said...

do you now know how to say "pork fried rice" in Chinese? ;-)