Monday, September 29, 2008


Last night, Lounes took us to Trust-Mart.

We arrived in Wenzhou a few days prior to Mid-Autumn Festival. In honor of the Festival, the Language Center gave each of its employees a bonus- ours was 100-Yuan gift cards to Trust-Mart.

Trust-Mart is, apparently, the name Wal-Mart uses in China. They sell several unfamiliar brands of housewares and groceries alongside the "Great Value" and "LifeStyle" brands. Like many large stores in China, the main store was a few stories high, with floors one and two for housewares, and the third floor for groceries.

Shannon and I took the perspective that the gift cards were like a bonus, and that consequently, we could in good conscience spend them entirely on junk food. Which we did.


We got Snickers bars, M&M's, Butter-flavored non-sweetened popcorn, Pringles, Coffee, 100% Juice, Dove Chocolate, Wafer Cookies, and a few other things. We're pretty happy about it.

It turnes out that Trust-Mart is within walking distance, just a little over a kilometer away from here. It's good to know where we can buy American junk food- for emergencies.


Alex Mansfield said...

lol, it seems like you'd be able to order all the junk food you want on the internet. No?

jhjessup said...

That's probably true- we haven't gotten desperate enough yet. ;-)

John Caleb said...

LOL, just like that Daily Show episode during the Olympics: "So, who makes your cheap crap?" ;-)

Alex Mansfield said...

What I'll get a kick out of is if you buy something from the US that is made in china... lol. What would that be, reverse-exportation? ;)

Mom H said...

That's awful!!

mom h said...

All the junk food, that is.

Shannon Hodges said...

Don't worry, Mom- $200 for junk food doesn't go very far here :-)

Dad H said...


Can you add a link to Shannon's blog too? Thanks!