Monday, September 08, 2008

Written during the Flight

The following entry was drafted on my Palm Pilot during the flight west today:

It is 9:35 Oklahoma time, and we're now almost past Japan. We have been in the air for a little over 13 hours, after a 8:30 departure from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Our ground speed has been a bit over 510 miles per hour--a hair better than a mile every seven seconds--which is good because the route from Chicago to Shanghai is about 7,400 miles long. A bit of arithmetic (and the overhead screen) shows that our flight should be about 14 hours and 45 minutes in duration.

The flight has gone quite well- dinner was served about an hour ago, and consisted of a roll, salad, an "oatmeal chew" dessert, and an entre choice of either beef brisket with mashed potatoes or chicken curry with white rice. They both tasted great.

- Jonathan

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