Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fresh Linux Install!

This morning I installed ubuntu 5.04 on my laptop (just like the one in the link, but with DVD/CDRW and 640M of RAM).

I was impressed - I had put ubuntu 4.10 on it when I first got it, but there were a few things that didn't get configured properly- such as some file permissions for the windows partition, some screen resolution bugs, a few things like that. I worked really good, but the new version is great!

I had removed the previous installation with the intention of installing OpenBSD, but I couldn't get that install to boot. After a while, I tried SuSE 9.1 Personal off a dvd I had on hand, and it was pretty good, but also had screen resolution issues, couldn't mount the win2k partition, and wouldn't run YOU, their online updater. All that to say, this morning I installed ubuntu 5.04.

The install seemed like it took a long time, but there weren't really any parts where it appered to have hung. In hindsight, I would guess that the install took about an hour and 15 minutes to install, reboot, and configure. That's just an estimate because I wasn't focused on the install process, but was working on a paper simultaneously with the process.

After the network was configured (wireless with WEP) and apt-get's config appropriately adjusted, the system update ran and downloaded about 88 megs. I don't know how long this took because I was in the office. Hey, I've got a job!

This post is being sent from gmail using firefox running on the new install over a wireless mesh network through an anonymizing proxy and an onion router to the blogger servers located in.... well, you get the idea: It's working like it should be.

Notes to fellow T23ers (you know who you are):
Boot with the option "acpi=off"

It fixes things. In both the install disk AND the liveCD

Hibernation does not work, but suspend does!

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