Friday, June 03, 2005

Wow. What a day.

This has been a very long day.

It started, as all my days have, at exactly 12:00 midnight. I was awake at the time, working on a table of authorities for this semester's legal writing assignment. It was due last Saturday, and will most certainly be sent out by the end of this Saturday. I was making ok progress on it right up until about 12:30, when the LEXIS/NEXIS interface started to misbehave in firefox. I don't know why, but it just would not show the navigation buttons to move between cases. I tried working with it for a bit, but gave up around 12:45.

I got up about 5 hours later to go running with a friend. Our plan is to run for a mile three days each week, and so far we're right on track.

After a run and a shower, I did some more work on my paper using MS IE to connect with LEXIS. It's working, so I'll probably continue to use it for my research needs. I really wish it had tabs.

When I got down to the office, I found out that there were some issues with our sales order files, our credit card processing module, and some filled backorders. Our normal morning processing takes about forty five minutes to an hour; this morning at went for two and a half hours. On the bright side, we did learn how to work through these issues by ourselves!

When the afternoon rolled around, I was completely zonked. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but we managed to get all the essentials processed by 5:00, only leaving our end-of-week processing to do after dinner.

And now here I am, looking up and cross-referencing case after case, sorting out a table of authorities for a negligence suit in the State of Virginia. What a day.

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